How You Can Successfully Market Your Dispensary on Social Media

It’s no secret that social media stands out when it comes to digital marketing. Due to its strong impact and power, social media requires considerations of its own. Federal illegality and Schedule I designation have made social media platforms to forbid paid cannabis advertising.

As a result, you have to get innovative and creative for your cannabis dispensary to gain mileage and attract sales through social media. Don’t use it as a reason to be discouraged as marketing opportunities are getting better with the growth of the industry and these platforms will adjust to the changing laws.  Here is some insight into using social media to marketing your dispensary.

Luckily, in this article, I will give you an insight on how you can make out of the social media platform without spending a dollar on advertising. Since there are many public platforms of social media, I will only give a quick rundown of the most used channels herein below:

How You Can Successfully Market Your Dispensary on Social Media

1. Facebook

It is the largest platform that offers vast options and allows integration with other channels of social media. The best way is to equivalent your Facebook page to your website. Think of it as a smaller site. It, therefore, becomes your site’s mini version. Post all the information valuable to your audiences such as contact, location, services, photos, news update, office hours and days, and articles.

2. Twitter

An amazing fact with Twitter is that you get to message in real-time. It doesn’t matter whether you post the message in text form, as video links or images. Twitter allows you to share 140 characters at once. Embrace the opportunity and post deals, updates, answers to questions, and your products.

3. Instagram

Since Instagram is image-driven, it has won hearts of the larger cannabis community. An account with Instagram is, therefore, a must have. Take the best photos of your cannabis products, the entire dispensary and anything else that pertains to your brand and share it with your audience.

4. YouTube

It consists of marketing by use of videos. Though YouTube requires a budget and bandwidth, which you may not have now, it is advisable to set up an account with your brand name to avoid a competitor in your field from registering it first. In future when you get ready to video market, you can go back and use your trademark’s YouTube Page.

5. Google+

Each post in Google+ has a unique URL. If you can write the content of your cannabis dispensary with optimized search engine (SEO) keywords, then they will rank high in search engines. The posts will be visible to many people who will, in turn, buy your products.

Though we have a vast of social media platforms, the above channels are among the most modern and efficient. Devote your time to set up accounts and register with a few if not all. Post the same message in a different version to all your platforms for a greater impact. Within a short time, you should be able to enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

Marie Hawkins

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